People Power: An Entrepreneur?s Guide to Managing Human Capital

People Power: An Entrepreneur?s Guide to Managing Human Capital

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Looking for an all-in-one solution to maximizing results from your company’s employees? Look no further than People Power!

Employees can make or break a business—yet many companies have no idea how to manage their incredibly valuable “human capital.”

Now, for the first time, HR expert Scholley Bubenik, President of Premier HR Solutions, unlocks the secrets she’s learned over her thirty years of human resources experience in People Power. Detailing her time-tested, practical and proven strategies, Bubenik gives you the tools you need to assemble—and keep in place—the kind of team that will take your business to the top. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or manager, these innovative insights and nuts-and-bolts advice will help you get the most out of your employees while helping them achieve true job satisfaction.

Maximizing employee engagement means you’ll need to do more than simply abide by state and federal regulations and file the right paperwork at the right time—you need to develop a plan that aligns your company’s business goals and culture with your people’s. The key to this is Bubenik’s “Five Strategies”—a set of principles which, when implemented together, provide a comprehensive approach to the process of recruiting, training and retaining. In addition, People Power also includes interactive exercises that help you customize the book’s content to your own specific business situation—allowing you to take instant advantage of Bubenik’s hard-won HR knowledge.

Inside these pages, you’ll discover how to:

  • Attract the top talent to your business—and, just as importantly, evaluate how good a fit they’ll be for your company’s culture;
  • Calculate the compensation you should offer prospective employees—and the kinds of desirable perks you can offer that can offset high salary demands;
  • Increase your employee engagement—empowering you to retain your most valuable personnel for the longest period of time, and;
  • Avoid risk—and deal with compliance issues, employment laws and any other trouble that might be on the horizon in the most efficient way.

The author also reveals her exclusive “Funnel Approach” to recruiting the ideal candidate for an open position. From the initial job posting to assessing the candidates, making an offer and, finally, integrating the new employee into your business, Bubenik helps you avoid the massive mistake of hiring the wrong person, a mistake that can cost you time and money, as well as negatively impact your business results.

People Power provides an abundant supply of tips and tricks to create a win-win for both you and your employees, as well as easy-to-use exercises that empower you to apply the book’s strategies directly to your operation. If you’re looking for an all-in-one answer to hiring and managing your personnel, then People Power is the book for you.

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