Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Jibon O Darshan

Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Jibon O Darshan

Price: ₹ 749.00
(as of Aug 03,2021 04:20:39 UTC – Details)


Integral humanism was a set of concepts drafted by Upadhyaya as political program and adopted in 1965 as the official doctrine of the Jan Sangh. Upadhyaya borrowed the Gandhian principles such as sarvodaya (progress of all), swadeshi (Indianisation), and Gram Swaraj (village self-rule) and these principles were appropriated selectively to give more importance to cultural-national values. These values were based on an individual’s undisputed subservience to the nation as a corporate entity.

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