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FOREWORD EXCERPTS (FEMI FALANA, SAN, Africa’s Foremost Human Rights Lawyer): …”In the main, the book is a wake-up call to the youths who have left the fate of the country in the soiled hands of corrupt and selfish politicians who have arrested the development of the country. No doubt, Nigeria has a large percentage of young people but out of ignorance about strategies to win elections, the political space has been polluted and taken over by power mongers…In view of the foregoing, I have no hesitation in recommending the book to politicians – young and old, electoral bodies, political parties and other stakeholders in the politics of the country”.
BOOK SUMMARY: We have complained about and analyzed our problems long enough. It is now time for young people and new-breed politicians to elevate the discussion from mere rhetoric, sensationalism and fantasy to apt understanding of smart politics and solutions. This book presents facts and history to explain election-winning strategies and policy priorities. Let’s not kid ourselves—most of our traditional politicians will remain corruptly oppressive, and rebellion or revolt will not succeed in Nigeria. So we only have two options: work hard to liberate ourselves from the oppressors by defeating them in elections or give up in despair. If we choose liberation, it will take us several years, but we can gradually start by unifying our efforts and learning the required political skills. This book will be enlightening to non-Nigerians, but I hope it will inspire Nigerians to urgent action.
AUTHOR BIO: Debo Onifade has a master’s degree in engineering management from Tufts University (USA) and a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from the University of Ibadan (Nigeria). He has published essays, articles and books. Some of his essays have won him awards inside and outside Nigeria, including an IEEE prize at the historic Bletchley Park, UK in 2004, a Professor Femi Osofisan prize at the University of Ibadan in 1999, and a National Orientation Agency Award in Abeokuta, Nigeria in 1998. He is also an entrepreneur, soccer coach, policy enthusiast and historian. Though Debo lives in the US, he remains very passionate about Nigeria’s development and seeks to ignite the same fire in Nigerian youths.
REVIEW BY TOLUSE “TOLU” OLORUNNIPA (White House reporter for The Washington Post and on-air contributor to CNN):”Liberating Nigeria” is an apt title for this tour-de-force, a no-holds-barred analytical probe of the ills that have long plagued Africa’s most populous and most potential-gifted nation. Debo Onifade does a masterful job of dissecting many of the country’s problems, and showing how its political leadership could rise to address them.This book is useful for those at all levels of expertise and familiarity with Nigerian politics, from the neophyte to the seasoned political hand.Global in scope, comparing and contrasting Nigeria’s political system to those in China, the United States, Pakistan and elsewhere – revealing sharp differences, similarities and areas for improvement and evolution.”Liberating Nigeria” is more than analysis – it’s also about action. It is full of well-researched and well-described prescriptions for boosting Nigeria’s young but stunted democratic systems, and promoting good governance. Readers of “Liberating Nigeria,” young and old, will be treated to a vision for what one of the world’s fastest growing nations could be if its political system better reflected the ingenuity and compassion of its people. Such a “people’s government,” as described by Onifade, would not only propel Nigeria to fulfilling its potential as Africa’s most populous country. Solutions for longstanding problems in Nigeria’s electricity, education, health care, security, business and other sectors are methodically and thoroughly presented in this book. Nigeria’s leaders – and everyday citizens – could benefit greatly from reading “Liberating Nigeria.

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